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"I like the people. We have good bosses."   



"I like everything. It’s perfect."   


"Through my observations as well as the review of progress of each of my students, this program should be a requirement for all my classrooms. It not only provides students with the awareness of positive work ethics needed in the work force, but it also prepares students for skills needed to apply and receive a job." 

Athens Area High School

Tiffany Owen

"Thank you so much for the services the staff of your organization provides for our county residents. Our family member has realized achievements that would not have been possible without the supportive and encouraging help of Home and Community in learning to navigate the community independently, and Supported Employment job coaching to help her break into the workplace. Without this professional undergoing, we were facing a lifetime of "hanging-out" and vegetating. Now we have grown to the point where we are ready to see if we can maintain the momentum independently. Thank you for bringing us to this point!" 

A Client's Family

"Happy New Year and thank you for your compassionate care of our family member. They look forward to being with you each day and enjoy you all. Thank you for all the neat Christmas gifts you helped our family member make for us. Our family member was so excited to give them to us. I don't know who received the the most joy from them, us as receivers or our family member as the giver. All of your work is much appreciated. May our lord bless and guide you as you care for these special people in the year ahead."

A Client's Family

"The Christmas gifts received from our family member are adorable. We keep them year to year and display them throughout the Christmas season. Our family member is so proud of them. God bless you all. We are so lucky to have so many great people at Serve who work very hard and do a great job."

A Client's Family

"My daughter has always hated school until she started S.W.A.T., now she is excited about attending and really likes that she is getting job experiences as well. She went from barely passing to an honor student!"

A Response from a Satisfaction Survey